But I’m Getting Unemployment!

Unemployment Check

You are no longer employed and have started receiving your unemployment benefits. That’s great, right? Money coming in every week is good, right? You can coast for a little while, right? Wrong. No, you don’t want to jump into just any job just to be working, but it is very important for you to have a sense of urgency with regard to your job search.

The bottom line is that the longer you are unemployed, the harder it will be for you to get a job. As far as a potential employer goes, most are not concerned about a short period of unemployment but a long unemployment is potentially a red flag. I am not saying that it is a fair thought process but it is a reality that you need to know.

They don’t care that you need a break, that your last job was difficult and you are drained. They don’t see that you have been job searching and interviewing but have not come out on top. All they see is the clock ticking.

So, what do you do? Be diligent in your job search and all activities associated with your job search. Network at every opportunity. Be conscious of how you use your time. It will slip through your fingers if you are not cognizant. Know where you are in in your job search. How many applications have you submitted in the last week?

What is the time-frame for you to follow up on those applications? Are you in active communication with your network? What else can you be doing that is documentable on your resume? Volunteering, workshops, training are all documentable activities and show you are keeping your job skills fresh. Be active, make it so that you have a good, interesting, productive answer when a potential employer asks “So what have you been doing?”.

Copyright 2017 Teri Maher